Baby shower Gift ideas for the clueless

Holy moly my tiny squishy baby!!!

Before I became part of this Mom world I now live in, I had no idea what to get expecting parents.  Even with a handy registry list to shop from.

Now with a little mom experience under my belt, I take a look at what they have on their registry and pick one or two things from it.  I also use my best judgement to pick out one or two things from my/our favorite everyday baby items.  I try to go for the items I think they specifically would love but probably didn’t know about.

Check out my baby gear must have list blog post for more in depth reading about the following picks!

  1. Sound Machine
  2. Boppy Lounger
  3. Boppy Nursing Pillow
  4. Diaper Cream
  5. Gripe Water
  6. Carseat & or Stroller or an Extra Base
  7. Bottles, yes even for the breastfeeding mommy
  8. Bottle Nipples
  9. Bottle Rack
  10. Bottle Brush – just don’t let your husband scrub a super sharp knife with it
  11. Muslin Swaddles
  12. Diaper Bag
  13. Milk Saver
  14. Nursing Pads
  15. Wubbanub – (tons of animals to choose from are at the bottom of the post here)
  16. Wipe Clutch
  17. Books – see my suggestions here
  18. Wrap Carrier


I try to make this a mix of utility items that will be tossed and an item or two that they will hopefully keep forever and cherish.

Here’s what I call utility or disposable items:

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers and more Diapers.   On average I’d wager that most babies will use about 4 boxes of NB size diapers and around 4-8 boxes 1’s. E grew super fast so he graduated to 2’s sooner than the average baby.  (Something to consider when you buy diapers is that everyone goes for NB.) Then you have exhausted new parents lugging a tiny baby and boxes of diapers to the store with hopes they’ll exchange them.  Please, please! don’t let me scare you into not getting the diapers just be mindful and attach a gift receipt to ease their tired heads.  I remember a cousin of Danes who got us a box of 2’s and and giant box of wipes. THANK YOU, thank you! H family! We loved the Pampers Swaddlers, I have a sensitive nose and other diapers I could smell the pee even if it was just a tiny bit and I preferred the seeing the blue line to smelling when a diaper was wet.

Wipes and lots of wipes. Having them in bulk is so convenient. I’m not scared of HUGGIES wipes, after that fiber glass drama.  In actuality they are my go to wipes. I have nothing against pampers or even honest wipes. Huggies just worked for us.

Nursing pads. I had no idea I’d need them like ASAP after baby. I did make some reusable ones but wasn’t super comfortable wearing them in public.  I really liked the lansinoh brand. I wish I would have tried some reusable, hopefully I can try them a next time.

Probably not on their registry

Nipples of the graduated sizes, Level 2 ,Level 3 and so on for their bottle brand of choice. This would take a little digging into their registry to make sure you got the correct nipples for the corresponding bottle. However, I’m sure they’d think about how clever you were once they needed them.

Travel Wipe Pouch. Now this one item is kind of disposable and kind of cherishable. I love our clutch and clean travel wipe pouch. It will wear out with lots of use but don’t be surprised if they go out and buy a new one when it finally does. It’s totally worth the money. Its more durable than a ziplock that eventually gives way too and better at keeping kids out than the little containers I remember from the early 90’s that always seemed to break and dry out your wipes.  Plus you can refill them!

Cherishable gifts.  (Or at least hopefully.)

Muslin swaddles. Go with adorable prints that are timeless or fit the theme of the nursery or shower.  Something that reminds you of the parents to be.  Maybe a print that is completely one of a kind. Or go with a print is just so sweet you can’t resist.  You never know what baby is going to attach to and I personally just think babies dragging around blankets is soooooo cute.

Books. I throw in one or two of my favorite kids books.  Sometimes I may find one at the store that seems relevant to the parents to be, or fits the theme of the shower. We love the foot book, hand hand fingers thumb, the happy lion, Goosie, & triangle. I’m currently working on a top 10 or 25 kids book blog post. We love books at our house, see my post about Reading in our House, for a couple of our favorite books, or Baby & Toddler Book Suggestions for a ton. I know I have at least a couple blog posts in me about books so come back if you need more ideas later too!


Other Ideas that might be on their registry that are great to get

  1. Carriers I loved my boba wrap
  2. Carseat
  3. Stroller
  4. Diaper Bag
  5. Boppy and or Boppy Lounger

If you’re checking this out because you read one of my other blog posts about baby items and haven’t created a baby registry you can do that on amazon from here.

Baby shower Gift ideas for the clueless

16 thoughts on “Baby shower Gift ideas for the clueless

  1. I LOVED my Boba Wrap. My husband wore it most of the time, because I was recovering from a c-section, but it was so helpful especially when I went shopping on my own. My son was extremely colicky and he would only fall asleep in the Boba Wrap. It was a life saver for me. Great products on this list. I’m loving your blog so much. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rosepenny says:

      I loved mine too! We could only use it in the winter because my little guy and I would get too hot but it was awesome for times I need two hands and shopping! Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pretty sure we keep the butt cream business afloat in our house, haha! I also think the boppy nursing pillow is a great investment. We used it for tummy time, support when our daughter just started sitting up, and as a lap pillow when traveling with a lap baby. Now we keep it in the nursery and we seem to always have a friend or family member coming over with a newborn that it comes in handy for!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rosepenny says:

      Butt cream crazy, actually the only thing we had was a tiny bit of a kind I don’t like and Aquaphor, in our house this week I feel we hadn’t used any in forever! The rash went from maybe he’s got a little to we may need to call the dr in just 2 days. So I had a fan blowing on his little hiney to dry it before I put aquaphor on it then dried it more with the fan. He’s almost completely healed!! Stressful times as a parent.


  3. Oh add those amazing arm n hammer diaper bags they’re amazing to use when baby has poopy diaper in public blocks the odor. I still use them for my 4 yr old in case we’ve accidents for wet clothes! They’re at Target


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