Baby E’s Nursery

**This is a slightly updated old post from a super old blog I moved over to this more mommy ish blog I’ve started** Only a couple links are affiliated the rest are for your shopping pleasure and ease.

Well, we had a little boy.  I truly was worried about having a girl or girls until I found out I was pregnant.  I was convinced it was going to be a girl, or girls since multiples run in my family.  I know anyone can just say that but, I’m talking identical, fraternal and even the extremely rare identical triplets.  I may have been hoping a tiny bit for multiples.  I was thinking along the lines of a one and done pregnancy.  I was floored when I we had the sonogram at 20 weeks. There was no question he as to whether he was a boy or not.  Let’s just say I doubt I’m gonna have a shy one on my hands.  She in fact didn’t even have to tell me it was a boy I was already wide eyed realizing what I was seeing.  She announced, “well there’s your money shot.”

It was so neat to see him movin’ and groovin’.  I had read before my appt. to drink lots of water for a better picture.  That may have been old advice, but I think it worked and maybe even woke him up.  He was wide awake.  Covering his face as she tried to get a picture.  Tilting his head back and kicking like crazy.  It could have been the water or maybe the peanut butter toast and OJ.  Or just maybe it could have been the starburst…I only had a few! Either way it was worth it.  Here are the pictures of my little guy!

Face & Hands  Movin'

The grandparents came up and helped us paint his room.  I did my best to make descions and include Dane in on the design process.  My fondness for antiques and his for modern don’t always mesh.  I’m not big on themes or baby decor.  I want to do something that can grow our child.  Dane and I decided on the color and many of the decorations well before we knew the gender, although we still have some furniture pieces to pick out.  Here is the design plan I created and for the most part went with.

Inspire Baby


1. Solar system mobile

2. My mom and I made these inspired by a pinterest project you can follow the links here: Alphabet

3. Babyletto Crib -the one linked here is similar the one we have is no longer available

4. Floral Medallion Rug

5. Geometric Throw

6. Robin Hood Watercolor Print

7. Peter Pan Watercolor Print

8. Golden Yellow Fitted Crib Sheet

9. Orange Tile Fitted Crib Sheet

10. Raindrops Fitted Crib Sheet

11. Windham 4-Shelf Bookcase

12. Gold/Yellow Mirror, I have this for years and couldn’t tell you where it came from but I found one similar here:

Versailles Gold Framed Mirror

13. Globe

14. Yellow Pillow

15. Blue Pillow

We ended up with everything on this except the two pillows and the raindrop fitted sheet.  I found two different pillows in target that they physically had in the store that I loved just as much as these two above.

 If you’re just in the planning phase good luck and have fun!

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Baby E’s Nursery

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