Snowy Sunday

  • Coat – made by Kamik, its not the exact one but very similar. Here it is in blue and in a mossy olive. I personally think the moss one would be so cute on a little girl. However, they also have a pretty pink version for the pink lovers out there! I love how bright his green coat is I can spot him from a mile away. Its also nice how warm it keeps him. Possibly too warm! I was freezing while he traipsed around without a care! Did I prepare him too much for the cold? Haha
  • Boots – I should admit I don’t really give much if a flip about name brands. What?! Yeah, I know, it seems…Counterintuitive. But, its true. More about the quality here people his boots are Ugg (I actually had to ask my husband what brand they were as I typed this, and I bought them). They are easy to get on, no true laces, had high water/weather ratings, AND the kid helped pick them out!
  • Stocking cap – I can’t exactly remember where we got this red stocking cap. Probably in Lawrence at some boutique. We’ve had it forever it was the husbands first then it got washed in a pocket and shrunk. This cashmere one in grey looks like it’d fit similarly! I think I have something to add to my Christmas wishlist!
Snowy Sunday

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