Halloween over the years.

Halloween 2015 Mr. E was an adorable gnome. He did not love the beard but wore it for a good portion of the evening. He was about 3 months old here!
Oh boy we were obsessed with watching Robin Hood at this point. I actually made a good portion of this costume. I drafted the shirt a bit. I think I used a t-shirt as a guide for sizing but made it bigger since this fabric was linen and no knit t-shirt material with some stretch. I used and old leather jacket to make the belt, hat and quiver. Honestly in all my years of construction this was my favorite ever thing to make. 2016.
2017, My first year with Little Apple Families. I some how was asked to be the event coordinator. I loved it. Truly. Trunk or Treat was my first event planning and I think it was a success. Here is also our first dabble in family costumes.

Halloween Trunk-or-Treat 2018. Elliott was still not into costumes. In fact tears happened, a lot whenever we attempted. I brain stormed costumes that would just be clothes. This red hoodie was off the charts success! He would still wear it if it still fit. I’ve considered buying another because how perfect is it that his name is also Elliott. He loves his E.T. doll too. Money well spent this year.

Halloween over the years.

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