Hi I’m A.  Mommy to E, wife to D.  Doing everything I can to be the best mom and wife possible.  But apparently that doesn’t include getting family photos, because this is the most recent one I have of us three together, or it doesn’t stop me from cussing at least on this blog.  Currently, unemployed trying to figure out what I would like to do with this life of ours together.

Warning you now I’m going to try this affiliate link thing out.  I’m skeptical but hey “free” money right? Don’t worry I won’t suggest any thing I don’t like, all opinions will be my own or how ever this blogger disclaimer is supposed to go.  This blog is going to be raw and real.  I don’t have time to curate my image.  Or maybe I just like my image un-curated.  Let’s settle on a good mix of both.  I love coffee, chocolate, peanut butter and bacon.  And my two men obviously.