Reading in our House

We do lot’s of reading in our house.  We received lot’s of books at our baby showers (yes, plural but multiple is a chore people, nice for sure but still a chore).  New and old and it is great!  We go through phases as to what our favorite book and or books are.  Start early.  They are listening.  Always listening.  Read some of the longer ones when they are super little and can’t go anywhere.  It’ll just make you a better performer for when they are older and able to sit on your lap for larger stretches of time.

Some of the oldest books became our favorites.

A Dragon in a Wagon was actually my favorite childhood book I have no idea why other than I have a cousin name Meghan.  It really is one Elliott’s favorite books.  He likes that is has things with wheels in it.  He also loves that we can talk about the modes of transportation at the back of the book.  He can point and I can name them or I can point and he can name them.  I’ve looked at our local library for other books like this one but they have long since sold them off.  But I was able to find it available on Amazon!

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb man I love this one I love the cadence my voice takes on as I read it. I’m not sure it can be helped.  It’s so fun to almost sing. I think the fact that I try so hard to sound like a drum and get so into it as I read is a big reason Elliott requests it over and over again.

The Foot Book we have probably read this one a least 300 times.  Possibly more, he’s nearly 2 you know! I really don’t mind reading this one over and over again.  E already knows his left and right and I would say did long before his first birthday.  He loves that I sing it like a marching song.  I also like to change my voice to the page, i.e.. I read QUICK feet, fast and SLOW ssssllooooooooww he gets a kick out of it.  I love when he giggles at my variation.  Don’t forget you can make your voice big and small and high low as well as inflict up and down!

So I may have mentioned we totally lucked out in the family and friends department.  We received soooo MANY books at our showers.  Which I loved, clothes are adorable but they out grow them so fast!! Books last a lifetime and can be passed on from kid to kid.  I am related to quite a few teachers and a couple of english teachers. I’m guessing because I registered for books they figured they’d give me all their old kids books that were just sitting around.  My dads cleaning lady did the same too! So we ended up with not just one but two boxes of old books.  The HAPPY LION was in one of these boxes I can’t remember which one :/ .  Albeit slightly long for a young toddler, but we read this one quite often when he was a bitty baby.  Fun to read and fun with a french accent if you’ve got one ;).

Super cute, about family and friendship. Also, I’d say a little about object permanence, teaches kids that just because you can’t find someone they aren’t there. It’s possible they’re just looking for you too and missing you just as much!

A story about different kinds of animals.  How some people like to play differently and searching for a friend who likes the same things as you.

Well there you have it our all time favorite books, as of now. Read Baby & Toddler Book Suggestions for a ton of books you may have heard of or possibly haven’t or maybe some oldies you haven’t thought about in a while.

If you’re checking this out because you read one of my other blog posts about baby items and haven’t created a baby registry I completely recommend you put some books on your registry! It may spark the idea that guests get you a book instead of a card as it did some of mine! We were gifted many of our family members cherished books which was lovely!  Create your amazon registry here.