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I started my Le Tote subscription not long after I got a promotion at work. I was needing new things to wear as I am seen a lot by often the same people. But despite just that I also longed to try new styles. My favorite thing about it is wearing and returning! I have kept several items I absolutely loved but I do love having the chance to wear something and send it back if I don’t completely love it! Best of both worlds. Without the hassle of having to try to sell clothes I out grow in style or size.

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Hello Fresh, was my treat to my husband. I work at a pretty nice restaurant so I usually get to eat pretty stellar food. I also really wanted my son to see vegetables on his plate every night. Usually these meals are fast and easy. We really haven’t found any meal that we haven’t liked. My hubs even discovered he likes broccoli! No more amending old recipes to cut them out!