14 Mostly kids movies for family night 

It’s the weekend! We love movies here in our house.  Besides Sunday after E goes to bed we really don’t watch TV anymore.  <a href="http://Join HBO Free Trial“>HBO is our guilty pleasure.  However Sunday’s are usually also our family movie night.  Yes we do watch movies during the week.  Especially during the day, because we just don’t really do TV.  And sometimes mama needs to shower, or clean house.  So bad mom here, lets the baby watch a movie. Anyways go ahead and judge all you want, but just don’t throw stones in glass houses.  Or however that saying goes.  Those of you non-judgers can read on for some suggestions or just to get to know our family by the type of movies we like.  Shoot you judgy ones can read to, some of these may make you like me even less.  xoxo Anna

Really any Kung Fu Panda movie is awesome. Although, I think 3 is the full favorite. I say that but yet I still choose to watch the original quite often. It’d be a toss up between one and three. One might win now that I think about how much E giggles at Po struggling to make it up the stairs.

Hands down 3 all the way. I don’t love how mean the bear is but I like that more than the creepy man stealing Woody and waayyy more than the torturous neighbor brat. I’ll say it, the original is my least favorite.

Yes. It has a bad guy in it. It’s always the bad guys that I don’t like. Go figure. E thinks the tiny “baby” who toots his trunk is hysterical.  His sense of humor makes my heart so happy.

Love this movie. Love the singing. Love the adventure. E gets a kick out of me singing to this movie. It’s actually pretty cute and full of wonder, the movie not my singing. But we have to fast forward through the realm of monsters after she jumps. He likes that she jumps but that black thing ruined it the scene. He doesn’t like the crab being mean to Maui. Even though I kinda think the crab is funny. We also enjoyed the bonus features for this movie and we don’t watch most movies bonus features…so yeah we liked this movie

This is the first movie E ever giggled at. He giggles at the same part every time.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, We love Dragons. This just fueled the dragon loving fire at our house.

E’s first movie! He watched pretty much the whole movie in the first shot. This is a favorite of both the hubs and I. E loves it. LOVES IT.  I dare you not to at least like the Jungle Book.

So the Bee movie took a few views for me to come around and actively like it. D loved Seinfeld so that explains this movie. I was fun that this movie made E want to look at insect books and we did check out quite of few bee books that he was super interested in after we watched this movie. It also has some sort of cult following status now too? What?! It’s pretty silly funny. Bees are important you know.

This one has a special place in my heart. One of the only kids movies I actively went out of my way to see as a child free adult.  Not much dialogue per se but yet still so much you can understand between the two main characters.

Gus Gus should I say more? Yeah this movie had a nice pretty girl and a Prince Charming. But, I love all animals. I know E does too.

Ugh I did not want to like this movie.  I repeat I did not want to like this movie.  E loves cars, really he loves anything that goes.  Maybe excluding planes?  I feel like we’ve watched this a zillion times. We’ve tried Cars 2 but E just didn’t like it as much even though he thinks Mater is hilarious.  He might like Mater as much as he likes Doc.  I love that he loves Doc.  We think we might take E to see Cars 3 in theatre, which would be his first theatre movie.  We’ve watched the trailer enough to know about the crash.  I’m sure they’ve done it tastefully.

I turned the TV on one day and this movie was just playing. I was about to turn the channel when I remembered it had “cars” in the movie so I left it.  It was the one kid movie Dane and I rented and watched while I was pregnant with E.  Maybe this is why he loves cars so much.  Anyways its pretty funny.  About a bad guy who so badly wants to be good.  It’s won my heart.

Yeah not exactly a kids movie.  Hubs apparently watched this with E quite a bit while I was working.  WHAT?  I would say its a kids movie if there wasn’t chicken killing and gun shooting in it.  But we’d already seen a few disney movies with guns and death in them so I figure the harm has already been done.  Plus he rarely makes it to see the end of this one.  I think that he likes that the animation is different. Of course he likes ALL the scenes with trains.  Which I think is only two but man does he zone in.

I was unsure about showing him this movie, because monsters.  It was given to us by a family member.  I think I viewed it before we showed it to him.  I do fast forward to the second scene.  I mistakenly just played it once and he did indeed get frightened.  The rest of the movie doesn’t have a lot of scaring.  There are a couple scenes that he doesn’t seem to put off by but I don’t know that I’m in love with him seeing. We also really like Monster’s University probably equally.

Old favorite.  Maybe I like the “little guy” too much. Old Disney is hard to beat and apparently so is new Disney.  E even went as Robin Hood for his first Halloween we love this movie so much.

We’ve tried a few other movies some were fine just not worth mentioning, because they didn’t capture the whole families attention or hearts.
We originally wanted to only do old Disney movies and go in sequence of release date. Several I would say are too scary or plain mean for his age. I know he’s not supposed to have had screen time to begin with but it was a battle I was already losing so I decided to at least control as much as I could what he was watching. Maybe one day we will watch them with him but for now these are the go to family movie night movies

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14 Mostly kids movies for family night