Adventures in the Heartland

How to Wire your elf

I have found some of the best tutorials for you out there! I found this dating back to 2011! If you find it sooner than that please let me know! I would be happy to include that history. 2011 blog from Dirty Diaper Laundry 2013 video from Life She Has 2014 blog from Stitched…

Cityscape Family Photos

We had a wonderful little photoshoot in downtown Manhattan, KS. We lucked out with a an excellent photographer last year. We knew with a new baby we needed to get pictures to have with him. It wouldn’t feel right having adding pictures to our new home and excluding our newest addition!

Elf on the shelf

2021 Elf antics. Our Elf keeps it pretty clean & writes notes or clues, our son’s favorite part. Duke could just write a note everyday and he would be over the moon. Link to my etsy where I am selling printables for you to use as I create them. Including printables for 2021 elf antics…


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Hi, I’m Anna. A working & semi stay at home mom. I like to plan and sometimes craft. This is my blog where I share the little goings on in my life.

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