Adventures in the Heartland

Halloween 2020

Oh, man am I stir crazy! I have already decorated for Halloween! It started as just decorating for fall. I swear. Elliott saw the halloween decorations in the totes and was ecstatic. Basically, I couldn’t bring myself to stop him. Dane had left and I had promised we weren’t putting out Halloween decor. Graciously, when […]

Family Camping

*This photo was a happy accident, as a kid all my dads photos of him and his birthday cake are of him with his eyes shut because he was facing into the sun. He still jokes to this day that this is a requirement. Though I have no cake I was facing into the sun. […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Anna. A working & semi stay at home mom. I like to plan and sometimes craft. This is my blog where I share the little goings on in my life.

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