Please use your spoon

Dear lord please use your spoon.

You know how to use it. You are actually quite good at using your spoon. This phase of not wanting to use a spoon has me oscillating between amusement and frustration minute by minute.

I see your excitement as the gooey yogurt squishes between your fingers and the how funny you think it is to lick them clean. The delight you get from ripping your pb sandwich apart just to play with the sticky peanut butter.  Brings me joy and high blood pressure.

Sweet boy. I’ll let you do it for now. Because you’re learning. I’m learning too. Learning you may always be my baby but you won’t always be little. So for now, be that little boy who gets to play with his food. But seriously DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING.

Please use your spoon

First Blog Post

I really just want to see how this works. At least in the inner workings of wordpress.  Do I want to create blog posts or do I just create new pages.  Bare with me here people.  Those of you that are out there reading this anyways.  For playing along here is a picture of…(please hold while I select said picture) me iceskating while pregnant.  I was not very far along and we were with a bunch of friends and NO ONE knew we were expecting.  I would have been THAT wife who holds the group back from doing fun stuff.  I was careful and didn’t fall.  AND D was very protective.