Children’s Book Suggestions


We have checked out many of these books. Many of them were suggestions from friends or family.  Some we found, some were gifts, many on this list are authors and illustrators we now love! Others are our own childhood favorites and old childhood books.  Look & read on for over 60 book suggestions and almost 20 different authors and/or series to choose from! Come back for more as I may update from time to time.  Also, check out more of our family favorites here. I hope you find some new books and probably some old books on this list that you will love as much as we do.

Our families two thumbs up books:

Little Books by Amy Kroger Rosenthal & illustrated by Jen Corace

We happened upon this series at the library I love the illustrations and the simplicity.  The humor is sweet, maybe a little corney but great visuals none the less.

Critter Books by Mercer Mayer

These books bring back book-it memories! I was shocked at how much E loves these. His favorite is Just For You, it makes my heart melt.

Mac Barnett

These books are probably more for the adults.  Not that they are adult humor, but maybe for those with humor that is a little more advanced? Either way they are cute books and both of them, although, separate illustrators have interesting visuals as well.

Renata Liwska

We LOVE books with Wagons in them.  I think these books are stink-in’ adorable.  I love her illustrations too.  Can you tell we are a lot about the visuals in this house? They are fun reads with sweet messages!

Janell Cannon

I had not heard of Stellaluna until this year.  Such a beautiful story, I can’t thank my friend Kennedy enough for suggesting this one.  I liked it so much I checked out Verdi too.  I liked Verdi but E man wasn’t into reading much that week, we will try again.  She has one other book, Pinduli but I haven’t read it yet.  If you’re looking for a book that teaches a kid about learning who THEY are these might be some good books to get!

Elephant & Piggie by Mo Willems

These are cute books. We Love, I Will take a Nap.  Thank you Brooke, my pre-school teaching, S-I-L.  Check out all the awards! Great for beginning readers! Repetition is helpful for word recognition which is why these books win their awards.

Bear on Chairs Books by Shirley Parenteau

Sweet books.  I have a small inside joke about Bears on Chairs.  Maybe that will be a post for another day.  I saw Bears on Chairs in the library and I did indeed HAVE to check the publishing date. It was well before my inside joke, but it would have been awesome if I had inspired a book! That is probably why I like these books.  E likes books with bears.  Win-win in our house.  These are a few she has written. They have nice messages about sharing, caring and being kind.

Gosling Books (& others) by Oliver Dunrea

We received Gossie as a baby shower gift. When I was having a baseball themed b-day party for E’s first birthday, I wanted to give him some baseball books as gifts and double as decor.  I found Peedie, its more just about him wearing a baseball cap, cute still.  Gossie started me reading books in accents.  This series I read in mostly a British accent  (That’s about the only one I have). Also, this series made me fall in love with illustrators.  He also has a few bear books as well that are just as good if not more character depth.  I figured you might get tired if I keep plugging all the bear books. Although, we really like them in this house.


Bear Books by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman


How Do Dinosaurs… by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

My cousin Meg suggested these.  I like them. They have great illustrations of all kinds of dinosaurs! So if you have a dinosaur or dragon lover like E, these may be good ones for your little reader.

Tatyana Feeney

Okay this is a hubs love.  He likes this illustrator.  Small Elephants Bathtime is my favorite,  Little Frog’s Tadpole Trouble is good for a soon to be big brother or sister.  If we had read the title I’m sure we would have known, before we read it.  I guess we were rushing that day.  I’m not sure I loved Little Owl’s Orange Scarf but its the one we read first of the series and we sought out the other two!

Little Blue Truck books by Alice Schertle

Parents of truck lovers get your series here.  These are also great for learning animal sounds! The Halloween one is a lift the flap book, probably my favorite of these two that I have read.  Although, the first is great for learning about the importance of being nice having friends and being helpful.

Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

I read a mini-adventure of this series first and just wasn’t sold.  Although, people rave about the Pout Pout Fish books and after reading this one I get it.  It’s cute and fun to read out loud.  Hard not getting into it while reading this, which I’m sure your kids would just love too.

Llama Llama books by Anna Dewdney

Love. Fun to read, rhythm and rhyme. Llama Llama Sand and Sun is short but is a touch and feel book. E sometimes goes in spurts of reading 6+ books a day to not wanting to read for a couple days.  Having a book like this or a lift the flap, and sometimes just an old favorite we haven’t read in a while, can get us back on track.

Pigeon Books by Mo Willems

These are popular.  The Duckling get a Cookie is probably my favorite of them that we have read.  I’m not sure I love all the squawking/yelling but, I think its because I’m not good at reading this series out-loud.  Good reads, with an endearing little anxious Pigeon.

Sandra Boynton

Books for littles! Great little board books.  Short and sweet.

Eric Carle

Don’t forget about the oldies.  We love Pandas specifically at our house.  So that is why I included this book on here.  It’s pretty much the same as Brown Bear but with endangered animals instead.

Pete theCat by James Dean

Suggested by my cousin V! Who’s neighbor or friends kids loved them.  And now my friend K’s little guy loves them, after I tipped her off to them.  I know the Pete the Cat series started off with one author and is now written by the original illustrator.  Some people I know, have more love for the old ones but I don’t think I’ve read one from the original series.  We’ve read these two and a couple others.  E loved Go, Pete, Go because it has wheels.  I loved Rock on Mom and Dad because after we read it he went to his guitar. Swoon.

Curious George by Margret & H.A. Rey’s

I sure hope nobody dislikes George.  E loves things that go and some how also seems to like George.  I can usually capture his attention with a Curious George book especially if it involves something he already has an affinity for, like wheels.  But sometimes I can also sneak in another subject like sharing or thanking or listening if I show him a Curious George.

Walter the Farting Dog by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray

I laughed out loud reading this book. I know, its bathroom humor. But, I thought this book was hilarious! I’m sure you’ve met a “Walter” before in your life and can feel for this poor family and their plight. Thank you for the laughs Uncle J.


Check Back for more.  I’m sure I will think of too many that I have left out. Night.

If you’re checking this out because you read one of my other blog posts about baby items and haven’t created a baby registry I completely recommend you put some books on your registry! It may spark the idea that guests get you a book instead of a card as it did some of mine! We were gifted many of our family members cherished books.  Create your amazon registry here.

Children’s Book Suggestions

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      Thanks. I hadn’t even thought about having a variety of publishers until reading your blog. After reading your reviews of each book I might need to go a little more in depth with mine. I’m worried they feel a little too hurried!


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